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Lessons from your Comfort Zone

‘Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens’ A quote that has always guided my choices, I have also encouraged others to seek the same ‘magic’.

Chasing that ‘magic’ for me has built a successful global L&D consultancy with my husband, taken me to places some only dream of, meant saying yes when caution might have said no with one eye always on the horizon looking for the next big adventure.

So why am I now sharing lessons from my comfort zone? Well I am writing this blog in 2020 just a month or so into the social distancing measures required to beat Covid–19. Before this time the word isolation made me shudder, now my virtual network is thriving and I feel closer to people than I have for a long time – perhaps this is my first lesson having been forced by circumstances into my comfort zone?

My comfort zone observations:

I live in a newly renovated Victorian terrace, the renovations completed in December, this is the first complete month I have been home to enjoy it.

I live with my hubby and 2 dogs, this is the first month we have not had to pay a dog sitter/walker for over 2 years.

We have been running our business for 6 years and have a very loyal client base who we love to work with. During the last few weeks we have had connected with them all just to talk rather than work.

Life is at a slower pace despite work events gradually being rebooked in the virtual space. Feeling like some of the tabs in my head have closed has meant the return of creativity, this is the first blog I have written in 4 years.

To make the days full I am focusing on one activity at a time, wow who knew this approach would be quicker?

This pause in time has enabled us to reflect on our Fairway proposition, an opportunity to refresh, update and plan for the time when we can ‘go again’ to meet our client needs.

Focusing on the here and now has been interesting, I usually prefer fast pace, multi-tasking and excitement, however increasingly this has been matched with tiredness, forgetfulness and mistakes. I thought I was getting old! Now a calmness and zest for life has settled on me, I am re-connecting with myself as well as others. The comfort zone has turned back my clock – pretty powerful, huh?

Yes there are challenges caused by social distancing, these are all relationship based for me – virtual contact with adult children is not the same as real life hugs, yet again there is a lesson here as well. We often travel for work which we love, yet do we maximise our UK time to reconnect, probably not.

In summary I would encourage anyone to balance magic chasing with a step into your comfort zone, spend some time there and explore your own lessons. For me I intend to ‘self-isolate’ on a regular basis to have my comfort zone lessons refreshed.