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Through consultation with you we will recommend a development solution to best meet your needs. We are advocates of a blended approach where most learning is achieved by application, whether that be at work or through life experience.

There will usually be an element of facilitated input to explore key concepts, either by getting together in person or by means of virtual sessions. Typically we would also provide pre-work to prepare you for the learning event and post work to encourage you to try new concepts in your world. Where appropriate we also provide coaching and mentoring to enable you to maximise the impact of your development.



  • Managing your career
  • Living on purpose
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • On-boarding


  • Team effectiveness
  • Team building
  • Conflict management
  • Project management


  • Leadership
  • Talent Identification
  • Talent Development
  • Succession planning
  • Organisational change


  • Increase Innovation
  • Something Different
  • Away Days
  • Over to you…bring your ideas!

Round Peg BEST SELF Journal

Round Peg: A journal to inspire, support and empower you to write your own story and thrive in a busy world.

The more we know ourselves, the wiser our decisions.

When we make wise decisions we create space for greater meaning and purpose.

When we live lives of greater meaning and purpose we thrive.

This journal is packed full of tried and tested practical exercises, tools and examples to help you with your own personal development journey. You will also find plenty of space for you to capture, create and curate your own thoughts and notes.

Drawing on their experiences as people development professionals Rachel; James- Patch and Nina Lovatt, have created a unique self-help journal to inspire and support you to step into being your BEST SELF.


The Book


Simple to understand, affordable for all budgets, globally accessible for all ages, effective at getting results. Clarity4D provides a development process which creates positive results in personal and professional relationships.

We like to use Clarity 4D for:

  • Young Adults
  • Charities
  • Personal Impact Programmes


Insights Discovery helps people understand themselves and their colleagues so that they can have more respectful, productive and positive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries.

We like to use Insights Discovery for:

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Corporate Development Programmes
  • Coaching


Emotional Intelligence is the missing link that turns personality into effective performance. The EIP3 is a powerful development tool that enhances the performance of individuals and leaders, creating sustainable change that drives business results.

We like to use this profile for:

  • Leadership Competencies
  • Resilience
  • Personal Brand


Client Quotes


KM – Area Manager Leisure

"Fairway has provided insight and discovery Training for myself and my teams for 4 years. The first profile and training session I received was an absolute lightbulb moment and became the basis of many a team development plan ever since. The profiles and the way Mark and Rachel deliver the training allow teams to understand each other better, how to identify different types of behaviour and how to work together towards a common goal.

Mark has also mentored me personally in how to maximise different skills and behaviours of my own and of others. The service Mark offers really makes a difference and has accelerated and improved learning in other areas as-well directly linked to increased results in our key performance indicators. I would absolutely recommend Mark and Rachel as outstanding individuals to deliver training for your team which simply can only benefit your business."

KM - Area Manager Leisure

DS – Hospitality

"2 years ago I completed an Insights Discovery Day with Rachel James-Patch Assc. CPID and Mark Patch. It was just AWESOME! They have supported us at the PA Forum L & D Conference and today on a Zoom call with some of our #PAforum members. Thank you so much to you for a great session I could feel the yellow energy rebubbling to the surface and thank you to all that joined us."

DS - Hospitality

Attendee from Virtual Webinar

"Rachel….you are a gift."

Attendee from Virtual Webinar

RW – Centre Manager

"Having attended training with Mark on a few occasions now, I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting to better themselves through his courses/classes. Although at first sceptical about “another” training course he quickly made me feel welcome and comfortable and the profile that came out of this training is still being used today! The training has helped both professionally and personally and he has always been available to chat afterwards (again new experience for me). Clearly very knowledgeable and able to coach ideas from you rather than hand you the answer his style makes you feel comfortable to share your experiences and get the maximum out of the sessions. Look forward to more sessions and would encourage anyone to seek his advice and coaching."

RW - Centre Manager

SF – Area Manager

"I have worked with Mark at Fairway Learning & Development for several years now, each and every time the feedback I provide as do the team is how well the sessions are delivered

and how engaging Mark delivers these. I have continued to use many of the skills and knowledge that were gained from these sessions in my professional career as have many of my colleagues and it has given us all greater understanding of our team dynamics and the value of each and every colleague has within our team."

SF - Area Manager

LH – Communities and Events

"The Insight Training day delivered by Mark from Fairway Learning was a fantastic team building experience for the whole management team, highlighting individuals preferences and strengths and how we can all work smarter together. I was amazed at how detailed the information was about me when I read my profile report! These reports and learnings have been, and continue to be, such valuable tools for the management team and useful for our performance from successful recruitment to delivering results. The training experience Mark delivered was also so refreshing, engaging, memorable and fun, thank you!"

LH - Communities and Events